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Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

§1 Area of Application

Between and the private customer (orderer) apply excluding following trading conditions in their validity at the time the order is received.

§2 Order and Right to Withdraw accepts under the following conditions the order of the private customer which is received through this site.

If contents of this site exhibit unintentional errors within the area of the product description or the price of the product, reserves itself a right to withdraw.

If the ordered products of a manufacturer or a supplier should not be available, then is justified to offer the customer an alternative brand or withdraw from the sales contract.

In case of withdrawing the customer will receive his pre-payment back immediately. A claim for damages is excluded.

§3 Delivery of Products

The orderer has to be 18 years of age. reserves itself the right by disregard of this legal regulation, to refuse the purchase request.

The products are made available in Spain or Germany and handed over to the logistician.

With the delivery to the carrier the sales contract is final and fulfilled by .

The assigned carrier is responsible for the normal delivery to the receiver as designated by the orderer. The products will be handed over to the assigned carrier in Spain or Germany.

§4 Payments

With the order of the products the entire purchase price is due in advance.

The payment is to be made by bank transfer or by Paypal to the account detailed in the order confirmation.

Delivery of the products takes place after complete receipt of payment.

§5 Warranty

If is responsible for a defective order, has the right to either eliminate the defect or supply replacement by it's own choice.

If is not in a the position or prepared to correct the jusifiable defect or supplie a replacement, the orderer can withdraw from the contract.

However, this requieres an appropriate deadline by the orderer before his resignation from the order.

Only after a effectless appropriate deadline, the sales contract is considered as void.

Damages are excluded.

§6 Privacy makes a commitment to the orderer to use the personal data communicated and necessary for completion of the order exclusively for purposes of the order as well as for customer information

inclusiv the appearing regular newsletter sent by e-mail.

The orderer agrees to this regulation expressly.

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